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 If you need to call your child's teacher during the day please call the school office at 937-293-9452 and leave a message in the school office.  Otherwise email is the preferred method of communication during the day.





 Mrs. Sherry Gabert

Pre-School  Mrs. Shirley Minham
Pre-Kindergarten  Mrs. Erica Hicks
Kindergarten Mrs. Nancy Hankey
Kindergarten Mrs. Jenny Zender
1st Grade Ms. Jodi Jacobs
2nd Grade Mrs. Dee Campbell
2nd Grade Mrs. Paige Spangler
3rd Grade Mrs. Betsey Redinger

3rd Grade

Mrs. Virginia Seubert
4th Grade Mrs. Linda Armstrong
4th Grade Mrs. Nancy Lakes
5th Grade Mrs. Kimberly Embry
5th Grade Mrs. Shelley Deering
6th Grade Mrs. Christine Evans
6th Grade Mr. Tom Alig
7th Grade  Mr. Tim Laughlin
7th Grade  Ms. Jessica Hecht
8th Grade  Mrs. Beth Schreiner
8th Grade  Mrs. Colette Clayton
Clinical Counselor  Coleen Henderson
Art Mrs. Rhonda Duncalf
Spanish Mrs. Ana Davalos
Primary Music Mrs. Judy Drake
Upper Music Mrs. Mary Brown
Physical Education  Mr. Phil Klimowicz
Library  Mrs. Joanna Cross
Tutoring Program Mr. Tim Laughlin
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Linda Langenderfer
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Dawn Walters

Craig Morrow

Computer Science

Mrs. Christine Evans
Nurse Mrs. Sarah Schadek
Autism Director Mrs. Megan Apple
RTI/Tutor  Mr. Tim Laughlin
Intervention Specialist/Autism Program  Mrs. Kate Reynolds
Intervention Specialist Kettering City Schools Mrs. Beth Borland