About Future Mass Times Survey

Dear St. Albert the Great Parishioners,

Over the last couple of years, St. Albert has been looking at the Mass attendance and considering a change in the Sunday Mass schedule.  We were actually considering this in 2020, but as with many things, COVID threw a monkey wrench into our plans. 

According to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Office of Divine Worship and Sacraments: 

“Pastors are urged to evaluate the parish Mass schedule and determine whether attendance at any Mass utilizes less than 50% of the seating capacity of a church facility. This examination should involve consultation with the Parish Council and/or Worship Commission and will consider the possibility of consolidating liturgies. In evaluating the schedule, there will certainly be special groups or needs to be considered at each parish, but the goal of the consultation is to ascertain whether there is a legitimate rationale for retaining a Mass on the parish schedule that is minimally attended.”

St. Albert the Great could probably fit everyone into 2 Masses on a weekend; however, there would be special situations where 2 Masses would not provide enough space for all our parishioners.  Consequently, we have been discussing a change in the Mass schedule which would include the 4:30 Saturday Evening Mass and two Masses on Sunday. This change would not take place until after Memorial Day. 

Please look at the Mass Times Survey (click here) and give your input.  Your input will be taken into account as we make a decision moving forward.  

Fr. Chris Worland