What is so GREAT about St. Albert the Great? So many things make us GREAT!  Click here to take a look at our monthly accomplishments!


OK!  I wold like to join the St. Albert Family.  What do I do? First thing, you will need to registar.  Fill out the Registration Form here.
After you register, you will receive a Welcome Packet filled with GREAT information. 


I am interested in becoming Catholic The best way to start is by reveiwing our RCIA page, and contacting Julie Burt, our RCIA Coordinator 


What is Flocknote? Flocknote is our communication tool. It allows you to choose how you want parish information to come to you (text message or e-mail message or both).   Click here for detailed information on Flocknote and how to sign up!    


I have children that I would like to attend St. Albert the Great School.
Who do I contact for a tour or more information?
St. Albert the Great School   
Janelle Brand, School Communication


I have children that I would like to:
be involved in the St. Albert the Great Religious Ed program, or be involved in the St. Albert the Great Youth Ministry. 

RE page       Tara Schumaker, RE Coordinator
Youth Ministry page   Tiffany Hunsinger, Coordinator


I would like to be more involved. Where do I start? Get involved in a Parish Group.  Or join a Commission or Council!  Particpate in one of our Spirits & Socials events!   All the information is one click away!


I need help with viewing Mass on-line.  Click here for complete instructions on StreamSpot, our Mass streaming tool.


How do I get set up for electronic on-line giving? Our on-line giving tool is called WeShare.  Click here for easy instructions.  Or contact the Parish Office. 


I have questions about a Sacrament. Who do I contact? It would depend on what Sacrament. 
Contact the Parish Office for the following Sacraments:
Baptisms; Anointing of the Sick; Matrimony; Reconciliation private
Contact the RE Office for the following Sacraments:
Baptisms for school aged children; First Reconciliation; Confirmation
All RCIA Sacraments:  Contact RCIA Coordinator
Reconciliation Schedule
Communion to the Homebound


Is it true that St. Albert the Great offers low gluten hosts? It sure is!  Click here for details.


How can I see the bulletins (or current publications) on the website?  Click here for current bulletins and newsletters.


What is the Adoration Chapel and where is it? The Adoration Chapel is located in the back of the Spirit Center.  It is a perpetual, meaning open 24/7.  However, for safety reasons, you will need a code to get in the side door.  Click here for details.