Food Assistance during COVID19

Catholic Social Services  /  St. Vincent de Paul      

To assist Catholic Social Services (Monthly Food Collection)

  • Help supply items for the Food Pantry. Food Collection Barrels will be out in our
    St. Albert Parking Lot on various days and times. 
    See bulletin or contact Julie Burt, [email protected]

    Needed items are dried bulk food items, such as canned meats, soups, canned fruits/vegetables,and peanut butter.
    For other donations, contact them directly.   
  • To make monetary donations to support the Food Bank, Click here

  • Contact for CSS: Mike Hoendorf,
    937-223-7217 x1141

To assist St. Vincent de Paul (Meals for the Homeless)

  • Please keep the casseroles coming. They are also in need of 200 sack lunches daily, or even just sandwiches. They don’t have the staff to keep up with assembling sandwiches, and it’s an extra drain on our budget to buy the food. 
    As long as volunteers are mindful of basic hygiene it’s okay. Food is a more basic need than anti-viral practices, so it’s a risk we have to take. 

  • Help make casseroles, or supply corn and cookies.  See information below, or contact Kim White, [email protected]

  • Casseroles
  • Corn and/or Cookies

  • To make monetary donations to St. Vincent de Paul, click here

  • Contact for St. Vincent:  Michael Vanderburgh
    937-222-5555 x422