Questions about Offertory Giving

Q: What does my offertory gift pay for?

A: Offertory giving covers the costs needed to operate the parish. These costs include employee wages and benefits, facility costs such as utilities, grounds & facility maintenance, equipment leases, and custodial services. Offertory giving also pays for ministry costs not covered by participation fees or elementary school tuition. Our offertory income budget for fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022- June 30, 2023) is $1,421,000.

Q: Should we be concerned about a shortfall in offertory giving?

A: Yes and no! Our parish is currently operating with a monetary loss. However, the employee team at St. Albert has been very careful about spending the financial resources that have been entrusted to them. This has been the case for many years and as a result, the parish was able to set aside some rainy-day funds. We are currently drawing down on those funds. For now, we plan to continue to operate at our current level of programs and services, but our rainy-day reserves won’t last forever. It is important that we increase our offertory income to provide essential programs and services and remain fiscally strong.

Q: Can’t you simply cut some costs to reduce our losses?

A: Yes, we can always cut costs. However, our mission is to make disciples of Christ and that requires people journeying together on that path. 75% of our parish operating costs are people related. It takes people to create and administer formative programs, provide worship opportunities, and educate our adults and children in the faith. 25% of our parish operating expenses are for utilities, supplies, essential services, and to maintain our facilities. Significant cost cutting steps would result in a loss of programs and services and that would be detrimental to pursuing our mission.

Q: Is the parish being affected by inflation /supply chain issues?

A: Yes. We have seen an increase in all cost areas. In normal years, these costs typically increase 3% but this year many of the costs increased 5-7%.

Q: Don’t we get financial help from the Archdiocese?

A: No. In fact, parishes in the diocese tithe a portion of their offertory income to support the Pastoral Center and the shared services that they provide. The only source of income for the Pastoral Center is from parish tithing.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: As our parish continues in its effort to love God and neighbor, you can help in the following ways:

1. Pray – pray for help, pray for guidance, pray for wisdom, pray for strength to do God’s will. Pray for our parish, pray for our clergy, and pray for an increase in all vocations.

2. Take advantage of the formative program offerings that are being offered at St. Albert the Great, St. Charles, and Ascension Parish.

3. Help usher those who have fallen away from the Church back into full communion with the Church. If you know of someone who is feeling disconnected or lost, reach out and help them find their way back home.

4. Volunteer – our clergy & parish employees rely on volunteers to help on an ongoing basis with worship and liturgical functions, in parish ministries, formative programming, & in encouraging others to pursue a life in Christ.

5. Consider increasing your offertory gift. Offertory gifts should be prioritized to other parish fundraising needs.

6. Include St. Albert the Great in your estate plans. Legacy gifts may be for general purposes or for an approved designated use. You may contact Tom Hutchinson, Business Manager, for additional information.