Our Funds

Parish Giving - St. Albert the Great Catholic Parish

Buildings and Grounds Fund

Our faith community enjoys a wonderful campus that enhances all aspects of parish life.  Your gift will be appreciated in every season throughout the year and used for buildings and grounds maintenance, including landscaping and special projects.

 Friends of St. Albert Fund

This fund is available through the Dayton Foundation to those who would prefer to donate cash or assets to St. Albert the Great Church or School through this regional community foundation.  The Foundation can facilitate the process of donating stocks and other types of securities to St. Albert the Great.  The funds belong to the Parish and can be accessed and used at any time (assuming the donor does not add any restrictions).  We feel this offers a simple and viable approach to donating assets to the Parish and can potentially create funds for future needs of St. Albert the Great.

 1939 Society

Established in 2005, the 1939 Society (formerly called the Legacy Society) honors individuals and families who, through their planned and estate gifts, have made a commitment to St. Albert the Great Parish.

 Liturgical Needs Envelope

You will receive a  monthly Liturgical Needs envelope in your quarterly packet of envelopes.  The purpose of this fund is to aid the parish as we underwrite the purchase of such items as hosts, altar wine, candles, incense, plants and flowers for our worship liturgy.

 Memory Bricks

The grounds of the St. Albert the Great Spirit Center offer beautiful, serene opportunities to relax, reflect and remember.  Memory bricks are now available for purchase and each can be engraved with the name of a loved one.

  Parish Memorial Fund

This fund provides an opportunity to memorialize loved ones far into the future.  Our faith community commits to future generations by supporting events that encourage spiritual growth and enrich the many ministries of parish life.  These events include parish missions, guest speakers and adult education programs.  In addition this Fund may be used to enhance our liturgy and worship as needed.

 School Foundation

The purpose of the St. Albert the Great School Foundation is to provide additional resources for our parish grade school in accordance with the mission for the school.  These resources  are generally to be used in addition to our normal operating expenses – not to replace or supplement that budget.  The School Foundation is for the enhancement or for the addition to the various programs not funded by the normal operating budget.

 Sr. John Maureen, SC School Tuition Fund

To ensure that a Catholic education is available to all parish families, this fund was created in 1971 to honor the memory of Sister John Maureen McGraw, SC.  Sr. John Maureen was a beloved principal of our school, a dedicated Catholic educator and a faithful member of the Sisters of Charity.  At least 500 families have benefited from this fund in the past 30 years.