Accelerated Math is a daily, progress-monitoring software tool that monitors and manages mathematics skills practice.

Accelerated Math…

  • provides math assignments tailored to each student’s current level.
  • provides ongoing feedback on students’ daily practice.
  • addresses each student’s individual needs.

 Accelerated Reader (AR) is a daily progress monitoring software assessment in wide use by primary and secondary schools for monitoring the practice of reading.

Accelerated Reader…

  • makes essential reading practice more effective for every student.
  • personalizes reading practice to each student’s current level.
  • manages all reading activities including read toread with, and read independently.
  • assesses students’ reading.
  • builds a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Engineering Is Elementary

This program is a story-based curriculum that fosters engineering and technological literacy in grades K-5 through a variety of engineering design challenges. Students use their problem solving skills as they apply their knowledge of science and engineering to design, create, and improve individual engineering products.

Topics include:
Kindergarten – Agricultural Engineering (Designing a Hand Pollinator)
First Grade – Materials Engineering (Designing Walls)
Second Grade – Acoustical Engineering (Seeing Sounds)
Third Grade – Civil Engineering (Building Bridges)
Fourth Grade – Mechanical Engineering (Designing Windmills)
Fifth Grade – Electrical Engineering (Designing Alarm Circuits)

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Many parents and teachers are getting excited about being a STEM school. But, what does that mean?  The Ohio Academy of Science explains it as “both the mastery and integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Preschool-12 students.  STEM education incorporates scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focused, project based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving.”  At St. Albert we are already doing many of these activities at each grade level.  STEM is not a program we buy or do for a week.  It is the way we teach science and integrate the activities and learning methods into all classes.  We are preparing students for technology that does not even exist yet.  By doing STEM focused activities we can give our students the critical thinking skills they will need for the future no matter what field they choose to study. Not only will our students be prepared academically but also spiritually to make our world a better place.

Christine Evans (937) 293-9452

 Grade 5:

Glen Helen Outdoor Education  The 3 night/4 day residential environmental education program is for elementary school children, grades 4-6.  Students and their teachers come to the Glen for a 2.5-day or 4-day experience, where they are immersed in the natural world, exploring, investigating, and discovering the wonders of nature. The science-based curriculum is aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards to support and complement teacher classroom instruction. Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts learning objectives are also included during the experience.

Inquiry Education in all units Air Quality, Amphibians, Matter, Electricity, Energy, Weather, Space, Sound, Health, Pet Care

Special events Matter…guest speaker on materials engineering

Electricity Use the Engineering Is Elementary program which takes students through the Engineering Design Process

Energy We participate in the BE3 Smart Energy Program through DP&L and Vectren. Students learn how energy is used and the how and why to use less of it. EAch student is given CFL’s, water pickets, and other energy saving devises to install in their home.

Weather We have a Wizard from WPAFB come and speak on weather on do hands on activities with the students

Health Healthy Heart Week as a school and participate in Food Fitness and Fun from the Boonshoft

Space Go to National Air Force Museum to explore the Space exhibits and participate in the TOYS in Space program.

Engineering Day at CJ in Feb..hands on engineering activities for 5th graders

Grade 6: Life Science

River Study Macroinvertebrates fall and spring

MCSWD field trip to see how water is tested. Study microinvertebrates, bacteria, viruses and protists.

Beaks and Feet Boonshoft program about birds comes to us

Alter HS Shark Lab

Cincinnati Zoo Visit the animals we’ve talked about all year and do a scavenger hunt to learn more about them. Students collect observations and data as they travel thru the zoo.