Public Masses to Resume

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About Masses starting May 25

Masses will be brief (30-40 minutes).  This includes Sunday Mass.  This time restriction is designed to limit the amount of contact time.

We are asking parishioners to wear face masks where possible.  Obviously those masks will need to be removed for the receiving of communion

The presider and deacons will not wear masks during the celebration of Mass.  However, they will wear masks when they distribute communion

Parishioners should stay 6 feet apart during the celebration (this excludes families and those who arrive in the same car).  We have roped off a significant number of pews to help with this spacing.

There will be no hymnals or missalettes in the pews.  We ask you take a song sheet on the way into church and to put it in one of our recycling bins on the way out.  I know that this is not particularly eco-friendly; however, it is a safer option in terms of preventing the spread of disease.

There will be no offertory procession.

There will be no collection during Mass.  Instead, there will be baskets in front of the statues of Mary and Joseph.  Feel free to use these at any time before or after Mass.

We will be limiting the number of people in the sanctuary.  We will not be using servers for a while and we will be limiting the number of lectors to 1.  Often, this lector will be the deacon, or an assisting priest

In terms of communion, there will continue to be no communion on the tongue and we will only be distributing the Body of Christ during Mass.  In addition, those receiving communion must keep a 6’ distance between themselves and the person in front of them.