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St. Albert the Great Catholic School

Phone:  937-293-9452
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Our school, pre-school through eighth grade, provides a quality academic program and educational experience within a Catholic environment.  

Our goal is to fulfill the academic needs of every student.  We will continually strengthen the environment in which the students learn to ensure quality education. Our students will continue to achieve academic success in this changing academic environment while our school evolves to meet new standards, use new technology, and employ the best available practices. Life-skills such as subject studying, note-taking and organization, responsibility, communication, accountability, and team-building are integrated into a comprehensive curriculum.  We also offer an After School Program from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM for students in grades pre-school through eighth grade.

Mission Statement

Teaching and Living Catholic Values

  • Upholding our Catholic faith as the basis for moral formation of our students
  • Affirming our belief in the God-given dignity of each person
  • Embracing the differences among us as an expression of the fullness of the Body of Christ

Academic Excellence

  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Firm foundation with the tools needed to succeed in future endeavors
  • High standards of performance and accountability
  • Dedicated and inspired faculty

Building Personal Character

  • Inspiring students to realize their God-given potential
  • Engaging our parents, faculty, clergy, coaches, volunteers, and entire faith community in developing the person in high expectations, assurance and support
  • Presenting leadership and service opportunities for our students 


  • School Info

    104 West Dorothy Lane
    Kettering, OH 45429

    Phone: (937) 293-9452

  • Office Hours

    Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • School Hours

    Monday through Friday 7:50 AM - 3:00 PM