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 If you need to call your child's teacher during the day please call the school office at 937-293-9452 and leave a message in the school office.  Otherwise email is the preferred method of communication during the day.





 Mrs. Sherry Gabert

[email protected]

Pre-School  Mrs. Shirley Minham [email protected]
Pre-Kindergarten  Mrs. Erica Hicks [email protected]
Kindergarten Mrs. Nancy Hankey [email protected]
1st Grade Mrs. Jenny Zender [email protected]
2nd Grade Mrs. Paige Spangler [email protected]
3rd Grade Mrs. Betsey Redinger [email protected]

3rd Grade

Mrs. Dee Campbell [email protected]
4th Grade Mrs. Virginia Seubert [email protected]
4th Grade Mrs. Nancy Lakes [email protected]
5th Grade Mrs. Kimberly Embry [email protected]
5th Grade Mrs. Linda Armstrong [email protected]
6th Grade Mrs. Christine Evans [email protected]
6th Grade Mr. Tom Alig [email protected]
7th Grade  Mrs. Nancy Steffan [email protected]
7th Grade  Mrs. Mona Habig [email protected]
8th Grade  Mrs. Beth Schreiner [email protected]
8th Grade  Mrs. Colette Clayton  [email protected]
Clinical Counselor  Coleen Henderson [email protected]
Art Mrs. Rhonda Duncalf [email protected]
Spanish Mrs. Ana Davalos [email protected]
Primary Music Mrs. Judy Drake [email protected]
Upper Music Mrs. Mary Brown [email protected]
Physical Education  Mr. Phil Klimowicz [email protected]
Library  Mrs. Joanna Cross [email protected]
Tutoring Program Mrs. Ana Davalos [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Linda Langenderfer [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Dawn Walters [email protected]

Craig Morrow

Computer Science

Mr. Tim Laughlin 

 [email protected]
Nurse Mrs. Sarah Schadek [email protected]
Autism Director Mrs. Megan Apple [email protected]
RTI/Tutor  Mrs. Ana Davalos [email protected]
Intervention Specialist/Autism Program  Mrs. Kate Reynolds [email protected]
Intervention Specialist Kettering City Schools Mrs. Beth Borland [email protected]