Staff Member: Fr. Dan Meyer

Fr. Dan Meyer

Retired Clergy
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Fr. Dan Meyer is a native of Hamilton,Ohio. He has one sister named Cindy who is married to Jim.
Fr. Dan retired on January 7th; however, he keeps very active as a priest with no administration. He will be ordained 39 years on June 5th, with most of his assignments being in the Dayton area (almost 34 years).
In his spare time, Fr. Dan enjoys the theater, playing cards, eating out, and reading. He also helps out alot at Alter High School and is the chaplain of the Christ Child Society of Dayton.
When he retired, he could live anywhere he wanted - but chose St. Albert the Great as his home. He has enjoyed helping here, loves the community here, and has a great pastor to live with!
"I truly see St. Albert as my home".

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